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Tax efficient giving

All it will cost you is three minutes of your time.

Josienne Rwanda

Josiane Umumarashavu from Rwanda was the face of the 2004 Trócaire Lenten campaign. Josiane's father, sister and two of her brothers were killed during the Rwandan genocide in 1994. Today she is a business graduate with a bright future, thanks to your support.

Taxback in the Republic of Ireland

New Tax Legislation:

Changes in the charity tax back scheme in 2013 means that donations of €250 or more are potentially worth an additional 44.9% to the charity.

So what has changed?

The refund can now be obtained on behalf of PAYE and Self Assessed supporters.

Once signed, the new enduring tax relief form lasts for 5 years. This means that you only need to fill out the form once every 5 years, which reduces our admin costs, allowing for greater impact in the work we do with communities in the developing world.

See the total value of your donation to Trócaire when you fill out the tax relief form:

If you donated €250 or more to Trócaire in 2013, 2014 or 2015, you can download the easy-to-complete tax relief form here. If we don't receive a completed form from you, we will send you one by post in August 2016 (CHY3).

Annual Donation AmountTax Back from RevenueTotal Value of your donation to TrócaireThe impact Tax Relief has across our programmes

Would help to provide five goats to families in Malawi giving an invaluable source of reliable nutrition and building sustainable livelihoods.


Would pay for the support of three victims of domestic violence (including medical, counselling and legal services).

€500€224.64€724.64Would provide four sprinkler to farmers in Pader district northern Uganda. This would ensure crops have enough water and protect against crop failure due to drought.

Old Taxback Scheme:

Prior to January 2013, donations of €250 or more are potentially worth up to 69% more to the charity. 2016 will be the final year that Trócaire can claim relief via the old scheme. 

The refund can be obtained on behalf of PAYE supporters only. Forms are valid for one year only.

If you donated €250 or more to Trócaire in 2012, you can download the CHY2 tax form here. If we don't receive a completed form/s from you, we will send by post in October 2016. (CHY2)

Taxback in Northern Ireland

There has been no change to the Giftaid Scheme in Northern Ireland. If you are a UK taxpayer, for every £1 you donate, Trócaire will receive an additional 25p from HMRC.

So what do you need to do?

Complete a Gift Aid Declaration. You only need to complete the Declaration once, as it will cover any and all future donations you make. There is no minimum amount you need to donate - the only requirement is that you are a UK taxpayer. It’s that simple.

See the total value of your donation to Trócaire if you fill out the Gift Aid Declaration:

Gift Aid
Total Value to Trócaire

Higher rate taxpayers in Northern Ireland:

If you pay UK tax at the higher rate, you too can benefit from tax relief as you can claim back the difference between the higher rate of tax at 40% and the basic rate of tax at 20% on the gross value of the donation.

If you have any queries related to tax efficient giving, please get in touch with Louise Forrester at 01 6293333.