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Romero Fund

Please join the fight for a more just and equal world by becoming a supporter of the Romero Fund

Challenging human rights abuse

We need to raise funds to challenge serious human rights abuses and provide immediate humanitarian relief. All Romero Fund contributions are used directly to support activities in Gaza, DRC, Guatemala and Pakistan.

The impact of our work

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In 2015, we helped 64,200 people in DRC. Due to the ongoing violence in the country, we continue to provide emergency aid so that people have enough food to live. 

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With our help, two former military officials in Guatemala were found guilty of crimes against humanity in 2016, including sexual slavery of 15 Mayan women, and were sentenced to 360 years in prison.


Trócaire has helped free 4,566 men and 4,144 women from bonded labour in Pakistan since 2008.

Archbishop Oscar Romero

Archbishop Oscar Romero (1917-1980) became the voice of oppressed people through his powerful work for justice during El Salvador’s civil war. Romero was a friend of Trócaire and the organisation is proud to have supported his brave work. Our work in both Central America, and throughout the world, continues to be inspired by his conviction, compassion and solidarity.