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Meet William

It was an opportunity. It was something I always wanted to do. It was an opportunity for me to sign up and I was glad to do it. It was only a small amount of money. I'm not going to miss it.

William from Leixlip, Co Kildare is a regular giver to Trócaire.

Thinking about it, it was just the right thing to do and I'm glad - its years later and I'm still glad I did it. Every time when I look at the television and I see something going bad I think 'well at least I've something out there helping', it's not a whole lot but it's something and I'm happy to do that. 

Trócaire are always contacting me, you know, and saying 'thank you very much' and, that's lovely to hear. It's a warm feeling and I like that. It's nice to feel part of a community, and we have the community here with the GAA and all the sports - that's for entertainment.

It's nice to think there is a structure out there, helping people, that you can be part of - you know, when things aren't so good, and they don't have structures in their lives, to get food or get drink or, you know, water, things like that. 

Regular givers like William are vital to the work that Trócaire does across the globe.

If you'd like to join William and become a regular giver to Trócaire contact us at:

1850 408 408 (ROI)
0800 912 1200 (N. Ireland)

Video: Meet William