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Somalia Education Programme: A Case for Urgent Support (Video transcript)

A Trócaire production.

Voice of Fardose (student of Dollow Primary School, Gedo, Somalia)

To me, education is a light. Someone who is not educated is like a person in the dark.  

Voice of video narrator

Conflict, drought and famine have made Somalia one of the least developed countries on earth. Millions of people struggle for access to food, healthcare and education. Only 4 out of every 10 children attend school, while the average number of years enrolled in school is just over 2.

For over 20 years Trócaire's Education Program has provided primary education for children in the Gedo region in the south-west of Somalia. Currently we provide education and school meals to 4,000 children, children like Fardose.

Voice of Fardose (student of Dollow Primary School, Gedo, Somalia)

I am in class two at my age because my family is very poor. My mother makes tea in a cafe and is unable to educate us all. I was working at home for much of my life but my mother sent me, a girl, to school, so we can escape poverty.

Voice of video narrator

Trócaire's Education Program offers a lifeline to children trying to escape poverty. However, a shortage of funds is putting this project in danger. We need to raise €500,000 to secure the future of this project. Without your support these children will have no school and no opportunity to escape poverty. Many of the young girls will be forced into early marriages while the young boys will be recruited by militia groups.

With your help we can provide schooling for 5,000 children, provide those 5,000 children with 1 nutritious meal daily in school, provide salaries and skills training for 100 teachers.

Voice of Fardose (student of Dollow Primary School, Gedo, Somalia)

Some girls don't come to school because they can't afford school fees, uniform and books. I urge them to come because they can get help. I urge girls to work hard in school so that they get important jobs, help their parents and themselves.

Voice of Éamonn Meehan (Executive Director of Trócaire)

My name is Éamonn Meehan. I'm the Executive Director of Trócaire and I'm asking for your help. Educating the children of Somalia is really important. I don't know of anything else which is more important to the future of Somalia and to creating a stable and peaceful country.

I'm asking you to help us to help Fardose and others like her.

Video: Somalia Education Programme: a case for urgent support