Wild Edible Plants of Acholi and Teso sub-regions of Uganda

Wild edible plants are defined as species that are neither cultivated nor domesticated but are sourced from their natural habitat and used as food. Wild edible plants have one or more parts that can be used for food and nutrition supplements by communities around the world. The dietary pattern of consuming wild edible plants predates agriculture and most African communities are still gathering and consuming wild food plants. The communities with whom Trocaire works in Acholi and Teso sub-regions of Uganda are no exception. They are aware of their need for plant diversity in face of weather disturbance and pests caused by climate change and environmental degradation. Trocaire and its partners SOCADIDO, ARLPI, and SARD-Net supported communities to list and describe the wild plants they eat and use. They prepared their own inventories in their own languages and used them to take action to revive the use of the plants and the knowledge about cooking and growing them. This booklet is an English summary with scientific and local names for such species including the Shea butter tree (Vitelleria paradoxa) which is famous for its value in skincare products.
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