Trócaire’s Strategic Plan 2016 – 2020

'For a Just and Sustainable Future' is Trócaire's strategic plan for 2016-2020.

Adapting to the current global realities and increasing complexities, Trócaire will strive to work in a more integrated way to address the multiple and often intersecting vulnerabilities that people face in the poorest and most marginalised communities.

We have identified  three critical issues at the heart of poverty and injustice in the areas where we work (see below). Across all our work we commit to addressing the imbalance of power by supporting women and men to stand up for their rights, and by working with those in power to recognise their duties and responsibilities to those they serve. We will also strive to address the factors that undermine progress such as corruption, repression and persecution.

1. Lack of Access to and Control of Resources 

One in nine people in our world is hungry. The world’s poor struggle to access essential natural resources such as land and water. This lack of access and control is linked to, and worsened by, additional stresses caused by climate change and poor governance. 

Trócaire will support communities to access, control and protect their local natural resources, in particular land and water, and will work with governments and those in power to act in a transparent and accountable way for the benefit of the poorest citizens.

2. Oppression of Women

Globally, one in three women are violently abused in their lifetime. Girls experience widespread social, educational, political, economic and sexual discrimination, increasing their vulnerability and trapping them in poverty.

Trócaire will support women to ensure that they have a voice in decisions that affect their lives, within their homes, communities and beyond, and that they live free from violence.

3. Humanitarian Crises

Emergencies and natural disasters are increasing in scale and frequency, exacerbated by climate change and political upheaval. Deepening inequality and injustice deny people basic needs and protection in times of crisis.

Trócaire will support vulnerable communities when emergencies strike. Communities will also be better prepared to survive and recover from crises and disasters.

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