Trócaire’s Safeguarding Policy

Safeguarding in Trócaire means protecting children and adults from harm within or due to our programmes and activities. This includes the prevention of exploitation and abuse as well as any harm caused by our failure to take reasonable care when designing and carrying out our programmes and activities.

Trócaire wishes to raise awareness of power imbalance that could lead to many forms of exploitation and abuse. The nature of our work creates a power differential between those employed by or representing Trócaire and programme participants, communities and partners. We acknowledge that the potential exists for those who work with programme participants and partners to abuse their position of power and we are committed to ensuring that this does not happen.

Trócaire also recognises that there are specific needs, vulnerabilities and risks that exist for children and is committed to making every effort to ensure children are safe and protected, both in its international programme work and outreach programmes in Ireland.

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