Trócaire Development Review 1996

The 1996 Trócaire Development Review examines two broad themes: globalization and its associated trade frameworks, and governance in a global and Irish context. Within these themes, issues under discussion include alternative forms of globalization such as people-centred growth, the global drugs industry and its effect on the economies of developing countries, income inequality in the Global North resulting from trade with developing countries, the Chilean export economy, the role of the UN in global governance, and an examination of the OECD perspective on Irish development NGOs and government.

In addition, several recently-published key texts on development are reviewed including the World Development Report 1996: From Plan to Market by the World Bank, the Human Development Report 1996, A Guide to the Global Environment: The Urban Environment, 1996-97 by Habitat II, and the World Disasters Report 1996 by the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. Books reviewed include Green, Inc. A Guide to Business and the Environment by Frances Cairncross, When Corporations Rule the World by David Corten and Compassion & Calculation: The Business of Private Foreign Aid by David Sogge.

About the Trócaire Development Review

The Review draws together policy analysis and research finding with a particular relevance to Ireland's evolving role in international development. Articles are on economic, social and political themes relating to poverty and injustice in the developing world.

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