Trócaire Development Review 1989

The 1989 Trócaire Development Review explores three key issues in development – structural adjustment, debt, and war.

In particular, topics under discussion include the impacts of structural adjustment in Africa, the role of the LOME IV agreements in structural adjustment, the types of conflict in developing countries, peace studies and its link with development studies, developing countries and the creation of the EU single market in 1992, and potential equitable solutions to the debt crises many countries are currently facing.

In addition, several recently-published key texts on development-related topics are reviewed including the World Development Report 1989 by the World Bank and reports by the OECD, UNICEF and the Advisory Council on Development Co-operation.

The Review includes book reviews for: The Other Path by Hernando de Soto, Modernising Hunger - Famine, food surplus and farm policy in the EEC and Africa by Philip Raikes, CIIR and James Curry, Uprooting Poverty: The South African Challenge by Francis Wilson and Mamphela Ramphele, Industry and Economic Development, The Challenge for the Latecomer by Eoin O'Malley, and The Developing World - an Introduction to Development Studies through Selected Readings by Anna Farmar with Mary McEvoy (eds).

About the Trócaire Development Review
The Review draws together policy analysis and research finding with a particular relevance to Ireland's evolving role in international development. Articles are on economic, social and political themes relating to poverty and injustice in the developing world.

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