Trócaire Development Review 1988

The 1988 Trócaire Development Review explores three key issues in development – agriculture, aid, and African representation.
In particular, topics under discussion include agricultural negotiations in the upcoming Uruguay Round review, agricultural land use in Guatemala, the benefits to Ireland of its official development assistance (ODA) programme, the Japanese capital recycling programme, representations of Africa within donor country fundraising campaigns, and analysis of the progress made over the last forty years based on the UN Declaration of Human Rights framework.
In addition, several recently-published key texts on development-related topics are reviewed including Ireland's Official Development Assistance 1987 by the Department of Foreign Affairs Ireland, Development Cooperation Development Assistance Committee 1987 Report by the OECD and the World Development Report 1988 by the World Bank. 
The Review includes book reviews for: A Fate Worse Than Debt: A Radical New Analysis of the Third World Debt Crisis by Susan George, Latin America's Debt Crisis: Adjusting to the Past or Planning for the Future? by Robert A. Pastor (ed.), Sanctions and South Africa: Dynamics of Economic Isolation by Merle Lipton, The European Community and South Africa: European Political Cooperation under Strain by Martin Holland, and SADCC: Prospects for Disengagement and Development in Southern Africa by  Samir Amin, Derrick Chitala and Ibbo Mandaza.
About the Trócaire Development Review
The Review draws together policy analysis and research finding with a particular relevance to Ireland's evolving role in international development. Articles are on economic, social and political themes relating to poverty and injustice in the developing world.

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