Still Feeling the Heat: How climate change continues to drive extreme weather in the developing world

This report updates our 2014 report 'Feeling the Heat: How climate change is driving extreme weather in the developing world'.

In the three years since that first report there have been some major achievements such as the global Paris Agreement and the adoption of the Climate Action and Low Carbon Development Act in Ireland. 

However, national emission reduction pledges still remain far short of what is needed to deliver on the critical temperature limits committed to by global leaders. Recent analysis demonstrates that the window of opportunity for delivering on the 1.5°C or well below 2°C limits is rapidly closing, and that action must be urgently scaled up so that global emissions peak in the next three years.

Furthermore, even with emission reductions there is a substantial need for increased action on adaptation. As the case studies in this report illustrate, climate change is already a crisis in the most vulnerable countries in the world.

In preparing this report we continued our collaboration with the Department of Geography in Maynooth University in order to update the review of science on climate change together with the personal experience of communities at the front-lines of climate impacts.

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