Space for Civil Society

Report from faith-based networks, ACT Alliance and CIDSE assessing political and social developments that have had an impact on the space for civil society.
Drawing on the input of their members and partners in the field over the last few years, the CIDSE Working Group on the Enabling Environment (of which Trócaire is a member) and the ACT Alliance Community of Practice on Human Rights in Development, jointly explored and recorded the enabling and disabling conditions under which local civil society organisations operate in Colombia, Malawi, Rwanda and Zimbabwe. The aim was to document the perceptions of a wide range of civil society and so better understand the strategies civil society uses to engage and protect their space, even in restrictive environments.
This study is the outcome of a research process that involved more than hundred organisations - from community-based to leading regional and national bodies - representing a wide range of civil society actors working in the field of development and human rights.

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