Social Inclusion & The Promotion of The Human Rights of persons with Disabilities in Zimbabwe

The inclusion of people with disabilities (PWDs) and marginalized persons in development efforts is a question of human rights, and the human rights based approach is central in achieving an inclusive society, non-discrimination and ensuring equality. It is not a matter of moral obligation, but a legal and developmental obligation. It is therefore, important for individuals, CSOs, national human rights bodies and institutions (National agencies, judicial and quasi-judicial bodies) to take effective steps to promoting human rights and inclusion of PWDs and the marginalized in community development. Social exclusion, lack of engagement with duty bearers, deprivation of basic human rights, low self-esteem and limited opportunities to participate in political and social life are frequent parts of the daily experiences of the poor and marginalized communities including PWDs. The human rights consortium led by Trocaire, which focuses on the promotion and protecting of human rights, under its TRACE II project, “Empowered Citizens and Communities Demanding their Rights and Holding Duty Bearers to Account,” identified disability and social inclusion as potential program areas.

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