Participatory Action Research Toolkit Lebanon: Guide for Practitioners.

Year: 2017. Resource type: programme guidance. Overview: This guide for protection and/or psychosocial support practitioners is drawn from the experiences of Trócaire and Basmeh and Zeitooneh for Relief and Development (B&Z) in supporting female residents of Shatila refugee camp in Beirut to conduct a Participatory Action Research (PAR) project. The PAR project was an expressive art project, and was initiated by sixteen women who had previously participated in individual and group-based psychosocial supports and expressed their interest in embarking on a creative project to reflect on the theme ‘the experience of coping and adapting to life in Shatila’. The guidebook details the process and lessons learnt from implementing the PAR project, and contains a series of session plans, programming tools and practical guidance for professionals who work in similar settings to support communities through expressive art.

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