My Rights Beyond 2015: Making the post-2015 framework accountable to the world’s poor

The Millennium Development Goals expire in 2015. For those living in poverty, the failure to deliver on many of the goals has a significant impact on their daily lives, and indeed survival. As attention increasingly focuses on 2015, the development and implementation of a post-2015 framework offers a significant opportunity to build a more robust global framework that can respond to today’s context.
This participatory research project explores the priorities and experiences of people living in poverty in six countries in which Trócaire works (India, Pakistan,  Malawi, Sierra Leone, Nicaragua and Haiti).
Its aim is to bring the diverse voices of people directly affected by poverty and injustice into the high level post-2015 process, and to allow their lived reality to challenge the dominant thinking. Through carrying out the research in a participatory rights-based approach, it also aimed to develop insights into the potential benefits of this approach for a post-2015 framework.

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