Hunhu – A HIV Resource for Senior Cycle / A Level Religious Education

Hunhu is Trócaire’s first development education resource looking specifically at the area of HIV. This resource is designed for senior cycle or A level students. The aim of this resource is to guide students to greater appreciation of the complexity of HIV as a human rights and development issue. The activities are designed to be incremental and so build students’ knowledge and understanding. Trócaire recommends that you and your students follow the learning process outlined below to achieve greater understanding of the complexity of the issues and the responses.

This resource is structured in three distinct sections:

Section 1: Weeks 1-2 provide a background to and understanding of HIV, addressing misconceptions, use of language and the call of faith.

Section 2: Weeks 3-4 build a deeper understanding of human rights issues and how they apply to real life situations today.

Section 3: Weeks 5-6 look at HIV as a justice issue and encourage students’ personal agency in the response.

Download   Hunhu Hiv Senior Cycle Resource.pdf