Fixing the Food System, Farmers First. A Guide to How Trocaire does Food and Agriculture

Since 2014 the number of undernourished people in the world has continued to increase. If this trend continues the Sustainable Development Goal 2, (Zero Hunger) will not be met and Africa will contain the greatest number of underfed people. 

Already, over half of Africa’s population is food insecure because of environmental degradation, conflicts, climate change and structural drivers of inequality. In 2019, close to 750 million – or nearly one in ten people in the world – were exposed to severe levels of food insecurity. 

The COVID-19 pandemic added up to 132 million people to the total number of undernourished people in the world in 2020 and has exposed the already broken food systems. 

However, the pandemic has also given visibility to community food innovations and opened up opportunities for transformation of food systems.  

This  short, colourful new guide explains why Trocaire works on food and agriculture, our agroecological approach, with whom we work, how we support smallholders and how impact is measured.

It is illustrated with graphs and photos to give you a view of what the work looks like.

The guide features a link to a short animation video created by our colleagues and partners in Uganda which explains agroecology and why farmers want it supported by government.

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