Farming Matters

Feminist agroecology places values of ‘life’, relationships, trust, care and balance at the centre of the food system.

For this reason, beyond recognising the fact that women hold knowledge and know-how that is fundamental for agroecology, many proponents of the agroecology and food sovereignty movements have embraced feminism as an inalienable element of the struggle for a fair and sustainable global food system.

Trócaire worked with other members of the CIDSE ( network and others (Agricultures Network and Cultivate!) to gather experiences, stories and advice from across the world about the successes and challenges of applying feminist agroecological principles towards more equitable food systems. The diverse, interesting stories, including ones from Trócaire Uganda with our partner PELUM (page 40), Edward Makoni, Trócaire Zimbabwe (page 53) and Trocaire’s Guatemala partner REDSAG (page 36 ) are available to you in this colourful magazine.


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