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Trócaire and the Catholic Church

Trócaire is the overseas development agency of the Irish Catholic Bishops’ Conference. We were established by the Bishops’ Conference as “an official channel through which Irish Catholics can express their commitment on an ongoing basis to the needs of the Third World”.

The pastoral letter establishing Trócaire stated:

“The aim of Trócaire will be two-fold. Abroad, it will give whatever help lies within its resources to the areas of greatest need among the developing counties. At home, it will try to make us all more aware of the needs of these countries and of our duties towards them. These duties are no longer a matter of charity but of simple justice.”

We support the most vulnerable people in the developing world. This support is offered to people of all faiths. We work without prejudice to express the support of the Catholic Church in Ireland for the most vulnerable people. 

Our work is grounded in Catholic Social Teaching and is in line with the teachings of the Catholic Church. For example, we do not fund or promote abortion. 

Trócaire's work is funded by parishes across Ireland. We also receive grants from large institutions. We do not accept money from any organisation whose primary mission runs contrary to Catholic Social Teaching.   

The Trustees of Trócaire are appointed by the Catholic Church's Episcopal Conference. The seven Trustees of Trócaire are: 

Archbishop Eamon Martin (Chair)
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin 
Archbishop Michael Neary
Archbishop Kieran O'Reilly
Bishop John Kirby 
Bishop Noel Treanor 
Bishop William Crean

The Trustees appoint an independent Board. Bishop Crean is the Chair of the Board of Trócaire.

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