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'You saved my daughter’s life'

Ania* knows how close she came to losing her eight-year-old daughter. In a country where a child dies every 10 minutes from preventable diseases, little Malak almost became another innocent victim of Yemen’s brutal war.

With conflict raging all around her, Malak fell ill. A deadly cholera outbreak was sweeping through their neighbourhood so Ania knew instantly that her daughter’s life was in danger.

“She started to vomit but her condition soon deteriorated,” says Ania. “I started to worry. I knew it was serious. The hospital is very far away and I didn’t have enough money to get there.”

Ania’s brother gave her the €3 she needed to get Malak to the hospital. Even then, she was worried about how she would be able to pay for treatment.

She was relieved to discover that Trócaire supporters in Ireland were paying for her daughter’s life-saving medicine.

“The doctors put a needle in Malak’s arm with a liquid to help her,” she says. “They said she will be better soon. They explained that all the cholera medication is being paid for by Trócaire so I don’t have to pay anything.”

Trócaire supporters are funding a life-saving cholera response project in Yemen. This project provides cholera medicine and tablets to hospitals, allowing doctors to save the lives of people affected by the outbreak of the disease.

Ania knows that without this support, she may have lost her daughter forever.

“Thank you Trocaire for helping the Yemeni people,” she said. “May God bless you all. You saved my daughter’s life and many others in the same hospital.”

*Not her real name

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