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Rebuilding from the horrors of war

Four young children left orphaned by South Sudan’s senseless war are rebuilding their lives thanks to the love and kindness of strangers. 

Siblings Nelson (14), Gilbert (10), Godfrey (12) and Beatrice (9) were at home when their parents were killed by an armed gang. The four children were left defenceless and on their own. 

Like millions more, they fled South Sudan and sought refuge in neighbouring Uganda. Here, in a refugee camp, they met a remarkable man who has kept them safe. 

David Mutamuta, a fellow refugee from South Sudan’s war, took the children in and is raising them as his own.

“They lost their parents so I am fostering them,” he says. “Their father, mother and two small sisters were killed. They went deep in the bush to get maize. The rebels saw them there and they were killed.”

David’s love and support has given the children another chance at life. But he can’t do this by himself. 

Your donations this Christmas will give David and the children, along with many more like them, the vital help they need to rebuild. 

David worked as a laboratory technician in South Sudan. Your support has allowed him to retrain as a farmer to begin his own business. 

“I am doing agriculture as a business,” he says of the support Trócaire is providing. “I grow vegetables that we eat but I also sell to other people.”

The business is providing food for David and his four fostered children. What they want most of all is to return home, together. However, while war rages, nobody knows when that will be. 

“It will take some time before we can take that risk,” he says. 

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