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Providing hope to Gaza this Christmas

Pharmacist Essam Abed Rabo in the Caritas Jerusalem clinic in Nuseirat refugee camp in Gaza gives essential medicines to a family to treat intestinal worms. (Photo : Mark Stedman / Trócaire)

The basic family home of 17 month-old Nadia Shafee is in the crowded and impoverished refugee camp of Nuseirat in the Gaza strip. Like much of Gaza, this refugee camp shows the obvious scars of war and there are throngs of people with no work.

Please donate now and provide hope this Christmas

Nadia’s parents have very little and have suffered a lot. Their family home was destroyed in the 2014 war. Nadia's father was injured in both of the last two bombardments and he lost most of his toes when an airstrike hit.

Although it is now five years since that war, Gaza is still struggling and its infrastructure is crumbling. The water infrastructure in particular is in terrible condition and water borne diseases are a huge risk. Children can easily become infected with intestinal worms due to the unsafe drinking water.

Young Nadia was one of these children, and was very sick in recent months. Her parents brought her to Trócaire’s local partner organisation, Caritas Jerusalem, to seek treatment. At a local medical centre in the camp she was diagnosed as suffering from anaemia and was treated for intestinal worms.

The treatment has been a success, and this young child is now vibrant, healthy and happy since she has recovered.

With Trócaire’s support, Caritas Jerusalem is providing screening and treatment to five thousand affected children. Projects like this can change lives and save lives.

Shayma Shafee with her daughter Nadia (17 months) at their home in the Nuseirat refugee camp in Gaza. (Photo: Mark Stedman / Trócaire)

The heavy toll of conflict

Due to three major bombardments by Israeli forces in the last decade and an ongoing crippling economic blockade, the humanitarian situation is extremely challenging in Gaza.

8 reasons Gaza needs your support:

  1. There are two million people living in Gaza, in an area that is smaller than county Louth
  2. 80% of people rely on humanitarian assistance to survive
  3. Over half of the population are unemployed, the highest rate in the world
  4. 95% of water is unfit for human consumption
  5. Every day, over 100 million litres of untreated sewage is pumped into the Mediterranean Sea
  6. In areas of Gaza close to the border with Israel, over two thirds of children are reporting psychological distress
  7. Essential life-saving drug stocks in medical facilities are extremely low, only 46% of essential drugs have less than one month stock available
  8. At it’s very best, there is only electricity for half of the day in Gaza. Some days it as low as only 4 hours.

As well as enduring occupation for over half a century, people in Gaza are trapped, most cannot leave this small area in order to access healthcare, education or to work in other countries. Only limited supplies of goods can enter or leave.

Trócaire is on the ground, working with local partner organisations. We are responding to the crisis with healthcare, psychological support, and legal support. We are also working on long term efforts to build peace and the respect of human rights in Israel and Palestine.

Your support this Christmas will help children like Nadia who are born into some of the longest-running conflicts in the world like in Palestine, Myanmar, South Sudan, and Somalia. Trócaire’s Christmas Appeal will deliver food, shelter, medicine and hope to people living through war.

Please donate now and provide hope this Christmas