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Trócaire's Supply Chain & Procurement

Procurement Policy & Procedures

Trócaire has a Procurement Policy in place to ensure:

  • Efficient use of its resources for the procurement of supplies, services and works in order to obtain best value for money without compromising on quality and standards;
  • Integration of sustainability and ethical standards into its procurement process;
  • Compliance to Institutional Donors procurement standards.

Trócaire has the required procurement procedures in place to source supplies, services and works following the principles of open, fair and transparent competition.

Where and if possible, Trócaire aims to collaborate with its partner organisations to maintain supply chains that are efficient and economical.

Trócaire operates a system of approved suppliers (a supplier registration form can be downloaded here).

Terms & Conditions and Supplier Code of conduct

Trócaire has established General Terms & Conditions and a Supplier Code of Conduct that all of its suppliers must adhere to unless otherwise agreed.

Tender Opportunities & Post-tender Notifications

Please find below Trócaire’s current Tender Opportunities. Detailed instructions on the required commodities and how to participate in the tenders are available for download in the below folders. All tender submissions should be emailed to [email protected].


General Enquiries

Unless otherwise indicated in the tender opportunities, all general enquiries with regard to Trócaire ’s supply chain should be directed to Trócaire’s Procurement Specialist ([email protected]).