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Samuel Abandeno Anoalite of Trócaire partner Caritas Wamba shows new latrines built in a school in Ituri province, DR Congo.

Trócaire partners with communities to bring about change. We believe development is not about imposing answers. It is about working together.

Our approach is based on identifying local organisations already working on the issues and supporting them.

Our partnership model goes beyond funding. We bring experience and knowledge. We build local organisations to make them stronger.

Our approach puts local people in charge of local solutions.

Global Partners

We work in partnership with over 400 local organisations around the world. These organisations are embedded in their communities. They know the issues, the people and the context. They know what works and how to bring about change.

Roughly one-third of our partners are Catholic Church agencies. The rest are a mixture of faith-based and secular organisations.

The table below shows our top ten largest grants to partners in 2019/20.

Organisation Country Value of Grant (€000)
1 Caritas St. Polten Partners 1634
1 Organisation: Caritas St. Polten Country: Partners Value of Grant (€): 1634
2 CAFOD South Sudan 1013
2 Organisation: CAFOD Country: South Sudan Value of Grant (€): 1013
3 Bishop Gassis Relief and Rescue Foundation Sudan 592
3 Organisation: Bishop Gassis Relief and Rescue Foundation Country: Sudan Value of Grant (€): 592
4 SAWA for Development and Aid Syria/Lebanon 535
4 Organisation: SAWA for Development and Aid Country: Syria/Lebanon Value of Grant (€): 535
5 Club des Volontaires pour l'Appui aux Peuples Autochtones DR Congo 499
5 Organisation: Club des Volontaires pour l'Appui aux Peuples Autochtones Country: DR Congo Value of Grant (€): 499
6 Caritas Wamba DR Congo 493
6 Organisation: Caritas Wamba Country: DR Congo Value of Grant (€): 493
7 Community Initiative Facilitations Assistance Ethiopia 488
7 Organisation: Community Initiative Facilitations Assistance Country: Ethiopia Value of Grant (€): 488
8 Programme Nourriture D'Abord DR Congo 488
8 Organisation: Programme Nourriture D'Abord Country: DR Congo Value of Grant (€): 488
9 Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights Zimbabwe 464
9 Organisation: Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights Country: Zimbabwe Value of Grant (€): 464
10 African Women Rising Uganda 428
10 Organisation: African Women Rising Country: Uganda Value of Grant (€): 428

Irish Networks

Partnership means working with amazing people to change lives.

We partner with local organisations to help communities around the world. In Ireland, we partner with networks and organisations to educate and campaign.

Examples of our partners in Ireland

Irish Girl Guides

We worked with the Irish Girl Guides to develop a climate action badge. Over 12,000 Girl Guides aged 5 to 30 took part in a series of activities related to learn about climate action. Once complete, the girls could wear their Trócaire badge with pride.

Stop Climate Chaos

We work with environmental and development agencies to campaign for climate action. Together, through the Stop Climate Chaos network, our voices are louder.

Development Education

DevelopmentEducation.ie is an educational website supported by development organisations, including Trócaire. The website's resources bring development issues alive in classrooms all over Ireland.

Find out more by visiting our working in Ireland section

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