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Trócaire Team

Trócaire has dedicated staff working around the world to tackle poverty and injustice on your behalf, in addition to hundreds of committed partner organisations and volunteers who are passionate about building a better world.

Meet some of the Trócaire team

Éamonn MeehanÉamonn Meehan, Executive Director

Éamonn is responsible for Trócaire’s work to reduce poverty and fight injustice in over 20 countries, alongside our awareness-raising and campaigning work in Ireland. Éamonn first joined Trócaire in 1991 as Programme Manager for the Southern Africa Region.


Josienne MumarasharuJosiane Umumarashavu, Finance & Administration Intern

Josiane appeared on Trócaire’s 2004 Lenten Box commemorating the 1994 genocide in Rwanda in which she lost her father, sister and two of her brothers. With Trócaire's support she continued in education and recently received her degree in accounting. In August 2016, she joined the team at Trócaire Rwanda.


Michael ThiauriMichael Thiauri, Project Support Officer, Kenya

Michael supports Trócaire’s agricultural resilience programme in Kenya to help families affected by poverty grow food, access water and boost their incomes.



Sean FarrellSean Farrell, Director of International Programmes

Sean oversees our livelihoods, gender equality, humanitarian and governance and human rights work across 24 countries. He has previously worked on our Development Education Team, and has been Country Director of our Uganda and Zimbabwe offices.


Lorna Gold

Dr Lorna Gold, Head of Policy and Advocacy

Lorna manages our efforts to influence policy in Ireland and overseas on important development and social justice issues. Lorna is also a prolific writer and blogger. Check out her blog: Charity and Justice


Emmanual Karulinda

Emmanual Karulinda, Livelihoods Programme Officer, Rwanda

Emmanual supports rural Rwandan families to grow bigger harvests and develop other small businesses with training and microcredit.



Eithne Brennan

Eithne Brennan, Country Director, Malawi

Eithne manages Trócaire’s programmes to help rural families grow food and cope with drought and floods; improve women’s rights; and support people to assert their rights at local and national government level.


bishop william Crean

Bishop William Crean, Chairman of Trócaire 

Bishop Crean of Cloyne Diocese heads up Trócaire’s Executive Board, which oversees the financial and operational management of the organisation. He was appointed Chair of Trócaire in June 2013.


Noelle Fitzpatrick

Noelle Fitzpatrick, Syria Humanitarian Officer 

Noelle coordinates Trócaire’s emergency programme to support vulnerable refugees from Syria with vital aid. Trócaire is supporting Syrians in Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Greece and Serbia.


Martina O'DonoghueMartina O’Donoghue, Programme Manager, Uganda

Martina's work supports people in Uganda to secure access to land and other vital resources; to make the Ugandan Government more accountable and responsive to its citizen’s demands in the areas of health, education and water; and to combat gender based violence against women.


Ella Syl-MacFoy

Ella Syl-MacFoy, Gender Equality Adviser, Sierra Leone

Ella provides technical support oversight and advice to Trócaire partners and the Sierra Leone Team on gender related issues.



David O'Hare

David O’Hare, Press Officer, Northern Ireland

David raises awareness about Trócaire’s work with media and our supporters in Northern Ireland. He ensures that our supporters know how their valued donations are being used to fight poverty and injustice.


Details of Trócaire's Trustees, Board and Executive Leadership Team