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Innovation at Trócaire

Trócaire views innovation as a mind-set, a way of approaching our work through a creative lens. It dares us to try, and to celebrate successes and failures as opportunities to do better.


We create positive change in the lives of children, women and men experiencing poverty and injustice. This requires a commitment to innovation and continuous improvement across all our work.

Trócaire has identified a ‘Culture of Innovation’ as a key enabler in our five year strategic plan.

Innovation is change that adds value. Across our organisation and work, innovation happens every day. We recognise, map and review these innovations using various approaches.

Trócaire Innovation Awards

One of the approaches we use to promote innovation is the annual Trócaire Innovation Awards. These awards recognise and celebrate innovation in all its forms – large and small. Importantly, we also celebrate ‘failures’ as an opportunity for learning and improving. The inaugural Trócaire Innovation Awards took place in 2018. This initiative celebrated innovations in our programmes around the world.

Innovation and Development Practice

Trócaire works in partnership with civil society groups. Partnership ensures communities can shape our programming and, in turn, their own future. Our citizens' led approach leads to constant learning and development of our work.

Our work around HIV and self-stigma is an example of innovation in our programming. Working with survivors of gender-based violence and women living with HIV in Zimbabwe, our programme uses Inquiry-Based Stress Reduction (IBSR) to tackle self-stigma.

This leads to improved mental health, well-being and quality of life for the women. This is the first time this approach has been applied to HIV and gender-based violence in a developing country. You learn more about this through our video below.

Innovation in Ireland

Trócaire has led in many areas of innovation in its Ireland-based work. We have pioneered the use of Human Centred Design (HCD) in developing development education resources. This approach ensures we are meeting the needs of students and teachers.

The use of HCD across the sector is growing. Trócaire staff have facilitated learning sessions for peer organisations and individuals.

Trócaire has also been recognised for its innovation in fundraising and communications by groups including Salesforce, the National Fundraising Awards, European Search Awards and Fundraising Ireland.

Transformative global change is required to bring about a just world. Innovation will continue to be a key organisational enabler for our work.