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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common questions about Trócaire's work and finances

How can I support Trócaire’s work?

We couldn’t do the work we do without the incredible support of people throughout Ireland and diaspora overseas. We are hugely grateful for this support. There are many ways to get involved:

Does Trócaire recruit volunteers?

Yes, Trócaire greatly appreciates the commitment of our volunteers and welcomes new ones. Right now, volunteers are needed to help with community fundraising, campaigning and outreach. To find out more visit our volunteer page or contact  our Volunteer Coordinator on 01 6293333

How much of my donation is used for fundraising?

6% of your donation is used to raise funds to carry out this work and the remaining 94% of our income goes to our charitable activities.

Trócaire is dedicated to ensuring that every donation we get is put to its best use to tackle global poverty on behalf of our supporters. Donations are managed with the highest level of professionalism and accountability. The organisation prepares its financial statements according to the Statement of Recommended Practice for Charities (SORP).  We also get the maximum benefit out of each donation through matched funding. For every euro given by an individual supporter to Trócaire, we can spend €2.63 on our work because we match our public income with funding from the Irish government, European Union, UK government and other official donors.

What is your CEO paid?

Trócaire is a professional organisation that demands the highest standards from its employees on behalf of the people we support overseas and on behalf of those who support us in Ireland.

Our CEO, Caoimhe de Barra is paid a salary of €125,000 per annum and is a member of the company pension scheme.

Trócaire’s CEO manages a highly professional development agency with programmes in 23 countries, a staff of over 400 people, and a current budget of €63m.

How many people work in Trócaire?

The number of staff during 2016-2017 was 427. 

How many countries do you work in?

We worked in 23 countries across Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East during 2016-17. Visit our Where We Work section for more detail.

Where is your headquarters?

Our head office is based in Maynooth, Co Kildare. 

Do you pay tops ups or bonuses?

No top ups or bonus payments are made to staff in Trócaire.

Does any of my donation go to governments overseas?

No, none of the donations received by Trócaire go to governments overseas. Trócaire’s overseas expenditure is allocated to local projects by its overseas offices across Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East and we carry out our work in partnership with local organisations based in the communities we are assisting. 

The local organisations we support have a true insight into the specific problems their people face, in addition to their culture and language. They also have years of expertise in how best to deliver projects in collaboration with local communities. Together we work in partnership to address serious challenges facing poor people such as drought, water shortages, human rights abuses and poor governance.

By working in partnership with these organisations, we don’t implement one-size fits-all projects devised purely from an Irish perspective, but work from the ground up, listening to what people want and giving them support, ownership and control over how the problems they face should be solved.

Does Trócaire engage in on-street fundraising?

No, Trócaire does not currently engage in on-street fundraising.

However, we will be piloting a door to door campaign from mid-July 2019 in Cork.  Our fundraising team are employed directly by an external agency and are not paid commission.  

Who are the board and trustees? Do they get paid? How are they appointed?

Bishop William Crean, Bishop of Cloyne, was appointed Chairman of Trócaire in June 2013. 

The Trustees of Trócaire are appointed by the Catholic Church’s Episcopal Conference. There are seven Trustees. They appoint a Board consisting of up to 14 members to advise and assist on the governance of Trócaire. 

The Trustees and Board are the custodians of Trócaire’s vision, mission and values; they approve strategy, structure, annual plans and budgets and ensure the organisation is effective and accountable. The Trustees appoint the Executive Director of Trócaire and have delegated a range of day-to-day decision-making powers to the Director and the Executive Leadership Team.

Our Board members are not remunerated for their work.  They serve a maximum of two, three-year terms, to constantly refresh ideas and skills.

See a full list of our board and trustees