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Reducing Trócaire’s Carbon Footprint

Trócaire is committed to measuring its organisational carbon footprint each year to understand and reduce the impact of our activities on the environment.

People in developing countries who are doing the least to cause climate change are suffering its effects the most. Trócaire is committed to tackling climate change.

We work with communities in developing countries who are affected by this crisis.

Through our advocacy and research work we call on governments to reduce their emissions, and encourage our supporters to hold their politicians to account. We also promote positive individual changes to reduce all our carbon footprints.
As an organisation that encourages others to reduce their carbon footprint, we must do the same.
In the financial year 2016/17 we will collect data and set baselines initially for our headquarters in Ireland and for our international travel, domestic travel, internal and external printing, energy use and waste.  

We will set baselines and targets for our overseas offices for the same areas in the next financial year.
We will calculate the equivalent tonnes of carbon dioxide produced by our activities and identify areas for improvement.

We will set annual targets, initially at headquarters level and then in our overseas offices, to reduce our carbon footprint across the areas identified.  

Our organisational Carbon Footprint Policy will guide us and our staff in this endeavour.
Good environmental practice will be embedded within the organisation through sharing information on the internal intranet, staff engagement through our internal green group, 'GLAS', and the inclusion of GLAS responsibilities in staff's annual performance management objectives.