Occupied Palestinian Territory and Israel

Video: Stolen Land

Waleed Abohanya was farming his land when the soldiers came. There were dozens of them, supported by dozens more policemen. They had a simple mission: they were there to take Waleed’s land.

“My strength comes from my belief in human rights and in justice. Everybody should have justice. Justice means full equality. It means everybody being equal to everybody else. There is no justice here.” - Waleed Abohanya   


What needs to happen?

Irish and UK Governments should ban settlement produce and push within the EU for the introduction of an EU-wide trade ban.

Retailers operating in Ireland should stop stocking goods from Israeli settlements.


Take action

The Irish and UK governments can play a positive role in bringing peace to Israel and Palestine. Make your voice heard.

Demand justice here: www.trocaire.org/gaza

Donate to Gaza

Read reports

For more information on settlement trade, please read our new report: 

Sustaining Injustice: EU trade with illegal Israeli settlements in occupied Palestinian territory

Read 'Trading Away Peace', a report by 22 Irish and European organisations, including Trócaire.


More information

The Ongoing Displacement of Palestinians and the Current Crisis in Gaza (audio and PowerPoint)

Speakers: Lubnah Shomali (BADIL) and Garry Walsh (Trócaire)

Speakers: Yehuda Shaul (Breaking the Silence), Dearbhla Glynn (independent documentary filmmaker), Eilish Dillon (lecturer and researcher) and Anthony Haughey (lecturer and photographer)