Lent 2014

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With your support
water can change her future

Worldwide, 783 million people do not have access to clean, safe water.

This year's Trócaire Lent Campaign is about the global water crisis. Drier climates across sub-Saharan Africa are leaving communities struggling without enough water for drinking, sanitation and growing food.
Enestina (9) is the girl on this year's Trócaire Box. She comes from a small community in rural Malawi that has relied on a polluted river for drinking and washing for many years. The community depends on the unpredictable rains to water their crops, meaning they never know what food they can produce. Trócaire is working to change this.
For children like Enestina, access to water means better health, more nutritious food and more time in school.


Enestina's Story
Enestina at the dirty river

Enestina gets up at 5am every morning and walks a kilometre with her mother to collect water from a small dirty river. She then carries 15 litres of water back to her home. Enestina is often late for school and too tired to study after this heavy work.  The water she works so hard to collect is dirty, meaning she and her family are often sick.

I don’t like carrying water. It’s far and it’s heavy to carry. I have neck pains.

Your Support
Your Support in action

Your donation will help a community to install a water pump or a water irrigation system. This will free up children’s time from fetching water so they can attend school, and will help families to increase their crop harvest and grow more food to eat.

Where your money goes:
92% goes on direct charitable expenditure
7% is spent on fundraising and publicity activities
1% goes on governance costs


Clean water gives freedom from the water-borne diseases that kill a child every 20 seconds.

Access to water gives back time from endless hours fetching and carrying water, which gives girls the opportunity to attend school and gives women the opportunity to start small businesses. Irrigation systems give nourishment to crops, reducing hunger, and giving hope for a better future.

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The UK Government matched, pound for pound, public donations to the Lenten Campaign in Northern Ireland until the 4th June 2014, up to a maximum of £5m. We were delighted to secure this commitment. It will support programmes in Malawi and Zimbabwe for the next three years and help improve the lives of tens of thousands more people.

Thank you for your support.

More Ways to Support

Trócaire Fast

Join the Trócaire Fast on Good Friday, April 18th. Create your very own online fundraising page for your friends and family to sponsor you.

Take Action

We would need the resources of three planets if every country consumed like Ireland. We must rethink the way we consume. Join Trócaire in pledging to live more sustainably - the change starts with you.

Use Our Resources

Parish Resources

Liturgy resources, prayers and activities for your parish or social justice group. Resources are available on our Lent 2014 website or as a PDF.

Education Resources

The Lent 2014 educational resources explore water as a justice issue, and help students learn about the impact of the global water crisis in both Ireland and Malawi. Suitable for smartboard and projector use.