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School projects

Students can take part in Trócaire Awards Programmes, based on global justice issues.

Better World Awards & Poster Competition: Lent 2016

better world awards imageThe Better World Award recognises the work and learning that takes place each year in primary school classrooms while exploring Trócaire’s Lenten theme. This year, as you explore the issue of climate change and climate justice with your class, record the work and activities carried out by the children’s for the Trócaire Better World Award.

BWA entry ideas

  • Send in art work or projects the children have made.
  • Create a display in your school hall to raise awareness about climate change.
  • Send in letters, poems, prayers and stories the children have written.
  • Write and perform a song about the issue of climate change.
  • Call a school assembly and role-play a situation that might occur because of climate change  use the education pack to help you do so
  • Record a video or photograph the children participating in the activities featured in the education pack and send us in a DVD

The awards

better world awards 2015Members of each group who submit an entry receive a Trócaire Better World Award certificate and badge. In addition, 5 awards are given to groups whose entries are of special merit. The merit awards include artefacts from the country featured, a fairtrade hamper and resource materials for the classroom.

What the children say about the BETTER WORLD AWARDS...

“We are all human beings and we would like someone to think of us if we needed their help”

“We have planted an organic garden in our school. Trócaire helps communities grow their own food. We are growing vegetables and hope to be an example to others, as this cuts down on transport emissions and packaging which contribute to Climate Change”. (6th class from St Eunan’s N.S, Raphoe, Co. Donegal)

Photo: Front cover of the Better World Awards 2014 entry from Junior Infants, St Clare's N.S. Tubberclare, Co Westmeath. 

Full details of competition and how to apply

The closing date for receipt of entries is Friday, 15 April 2016​

Poster Competition

Using the theme ‘Climate Justice’ as an inspiration, Primary School students are asked to design a poster for the following year’s education pack during Lent.

Trocaire poster competition winners

Left: Lent 2015 winners 3rd and 4th class Holy Family National School, Shanagarry, Co Cork; Right: Lent 2015 winners 6th class, Scoil Naomh Fiachra, Illistrin, Co Donegal 

Full details of competition and how to apply

The closing date for receipt of entries is Friday, 15 April 2016​

Solidarity award

Trócaire’s Solidarity Award scheme aims to recognise the effort, energy and commitment that post primary students and their schools give to help Trócaire alleviate poverty and injustice for people living in some of the world's poorest regions.

There are two categories – Individual Student and Whole School.

To qualify for a SILVER award students must complete at least 1 activity to promote Trócaire’s annual Lenten Campaign. Examples may include – delivering a Lenten themed assembly, creating a Trócaire display, writing an article for schools website/magazine or organising a fundraising event (raising at least £50). To be awarded a GOLD award students must complete a minimum of 2 activities and organise a fundraising event to raise a minimum of 100.

Trócaire also recognises collective school achievements in addition to, or instead of nominating individuals. Teachers are asked to nominate their school if they think they’ve gone that extra mile to support Trócaire’s work. Example’s amongst others could include exceptional promotion of Trócaire’s work in their school over a number of years or innovative Lenten fundraising activities. Entries should be supported by evidence of activities for example, newspaper articles, photographs, video recordings, posters, flyers etc.

M2M - Millstreet to Malawi - Transition Year Youth for Justice DVD for Mtakataka Secondary School, Malawi

M2M- Millstreet to Malawi and was created by Youth for Justice,Transition Year students in Millstreet Community School. It represents the young people's response to the questions posed by students in Mtakataka Secondary School in Dedza, Malawi.

M2M was recently chosen as a Development Education in Action showcase project by Trócaire's partner

Watch the video from students in Malawi, Questions from Malawi to Ireland.